Friday, February 3, 2012

Un deuxième tentative...

Okay, so we didn't make it into the city yesterday. Went to buy Louis a hat and gloves (it's been insanely cold!) and then went to bus stop. The plan was to catch the bus to the train station, then take the train into town. Except the buses take a lunch break from 10 till 2. Lazy sods. That's 4 hours of déjeuner. 

So we returned to our increasingly familiar CC (Centre Commercial... mall) and picked up the other bits and bobs we needed - mainly dish-washing accouterments. Went back to apartment where Louis and I napped. Luuk did dishes and made bacon and eggs for lunch. What a man.

At lunch, after 3, we gave up on the dream of seeing the Eiffel tower that day. Decided we'd try a drive (breath normal... try to breath normal) down to the mall for the slightly larger items we needed. Also had dinner there. Didn't get a high chair as there was a pathetic selection and we want a booster seat really, at the moment. However, we did make one very satisfactory purchase...

That's right! My very own purple toaster. Joy of joys.

Got a bunch of other useful things as well: a laundry basket, a GPS (or else we're not driving anywhere, Luuk threatened), and a bunch of food-stuffs. Tiny kitchen in temporary apartment and no freezer, so we can only stock up for a couple of days but we are now in possession of ingredients for 2 or 3 whole dinners: a risotto, a pasta, and possibly another risotto.

The familiar, and the not so familiar.

So today, we'll make a second attempt on Paris - un deuxième tentative. The plan: to drive to Luuk's company office, raid our boxes of shipping for a bunch of items we need/want, and then to drive on to the train station, where we'll park the car for the day. We'll take the metro rail to the city, with Louis in his new pushchair, all of us wrapped up in jackets and scarves and hats, and we'll see what we see.

Aside: Have weaned Louis. He has been quite happy with his bottle, twice a day, for the last two days, and I've barely noticed the discomfort - just goes to show how little milk he was getting from me. And I definitely need any extra energy I can get. The other baby (the one brewing) is growing and moving about a lot (especially after a glass of jus d'orange). I am starting to look more pregnant, but mainly I just feel more pregnant.

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