Tuesday, February 14, 2012

R&R (reading and relaxation)

I have found it hard to rest, to relax and enjoy a break, since we arrived in Paris... because we're in Paris! So much to see, so much to do, and so much pressure to make the most of our short time here.

But then I got sick. And then I tried to do a bit much, a bit too soon.

Yesterday, somehow, I managed to give myself permission to waste time. I put Louis to bed in the morning, made myself a coffee and nibbled through a Pain au Chocolat (still enjoying some perks of locale), and read the day away.

Was lovely.

When Louis was up, in the middle of the day, we went and got bread, some treats for Valentines, and a few other groceries, then came straight home to play. A little while later, Louis went down for his afternoon nap and I... read. Yep. That's it. Was great.

Have a ginormous hunk of steak for dinner and I think I'll do simple buttery potatoes and a salad to go with - wouldn't want to distract from the main event. Although, a little blue cheese stuffed mushroom would be pretty good as far as distractions go. Also have Haagen dazs and chocolate, so it won't be anything flashy, despite our proximity to the Eiffel tower, but we will enjoy a little Valentines repast this evening.

Today I think I'll continue in my vegetable-like state. But I might do a french lesson first. It is writing-tuesday... but maybe this afternoon. My week plan really got blown out of the water last week. Not sure if feeling unmotivated right now is a good thing (helps me to rest and recoup from cold/cough) or is the beginning of a downward spiral. Haven't been doing my journal, which is usually motivating, but more importantly is good for self-knowledge... ie. would keep me from that downward spiral or at least reveal the pattern, equipping me to do something about it.

So, the plan:
- journal
- french lesson
- coffee and pastry
- reading and relaxing

when Louis is up:
- lunch
- laundry

when Louis goes back to sleep:
- read
- or write.

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