Friday, February 10, 2012

a good start does not a good day make

I managed a shower before Luuk left for work. Good start. But man, I was wiped out. Our bank appointment couldn't happen till next wednesday, which is a pain in every way, except it meant I didn't have to go further than the laundry room on the ground floor all day. Felt so weak that I got Luuk to pick up the groceries rather than risk walking down with Louis and flaking out.

I was just not on my game all day. The washing machines in the laundry don't give change, but I figured, since I was using both machines, i'd just use the change from one for the second load. But no. It swallowed my entire 5E in one gulp. And I only had 3E left (needed 3.50) so had to trudge back up (in the lift, but I was really feeling munted) and get more money - only didn't have more coin, so had to change a note at the front desk... anyway, what a rigmarole.

The day felt very long. Early start with Louis up at 5.30 or earlier and Luuk not home till after 7, what with doing the groceries and getting caught up at work. Somehow managed to do a french lesson and watch an episode of Castle, with french subtitles, while eating a nutritious dinner of chicken salad and boiled potatoes. It was lovely and light and flavourful: butter, salt, pepper, tiny squeeze of orange juice, cumin on the chicken and basil on the taties... ta dah!

Today I'm feeling better again, and more determined - motivated by a visit from a friend who I knew in NZ. Louis and I are going to attempt the bus and trains on our own (without Luuk) and plan to meet Paula at the Louvre in the middle of the day. Should be lovely.

Now, in the interest of my being up to it all, I'm going to have a rest. Louis has been down for an hour and has finally stopped making noises (most of them sound like he's rearranging the bedroom, but he can't be, confined in the cot as I know he is!).

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