Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chez moi

We got the key on Friday and went over all together in the evening. Luuk and I pottered around, unpacking a few of the things Luuk's colleagues organised for us, as well as our own boxes... a definite highlight for Louis...

Look who I found!
(yes, that is a giant mr. potato head... in which 4 smaller potato heads reside)

The storage space in the basement... appropriately named.

Stopped at 'Hippopotamus' restaurant and grill on the way back to Les Ulis. Very family friendly but average food. Although Luuk may have just ordered better.
Perks of Paris: the free bread at restaurants is so very very delicious.

We started bright and early on Saturday because the furniture/appliance deliveries were coming anytime from 8am. In fact, it was dark when we got home on Friday, and dark when we left on Saturday...

I kept unpacking and pottering about. Luuk built Louis' cot so that he could have his morning nap.
Louis helped. Loosely speaking.

The entrance to our building, on a cobbled street! So very cool. We actually, for real, live on a cobbled street.

The appliances arrived first but there were a couple of issues so Luuk's colleague came to help sort them out (wrong washing machine was delivered and the oven didn't have a plug on the end of the wires...) Meanwhile the furniture showed up and we watched in awe as it was assembled before our eyes. When they say 'slap-together', they mean it. But it was impressive, and actually quite sturdy looking. Well-designed perhaps.

I went for a wander down the road for an afternoon tea treat, and thank you for Luuk's colleague, and her husband whose technical skills rendered our oven usable!

That's the patisserie/boulingerie/choclatier on the right - the black shop-front.

Score. Pizza place right there. And a lebanese restaurant as well. How very convenient. All about 100 meters from our stoop.

The church and the square. Such a romantic environment.

And that is how you do an eclair. Afternoon tea of awesome.

Louis eating his lunch or afternoon tea or something... sitting on our new dining table. He well-and-truly christened it - jam and bread crumbs everywhere. Aside: the crustless bread I found at the supermarket - roaring success. He eats the lot! No more jammy crusts all over the floor.

That guy on the right built the table, sideboard, and chairs... all in just over an hour.

Louis on our new sofa, watching our new TV. He was all wrapped up, ready to go, but then we discovered another part of the process for building his chest of drawers.
The living room and patio.

Luuk screwing the draws into the runners. (Louis and his little sister's bedroom)

Our bedroom. Storage solution still in the making...

Quick trip to IKEA? Yeah, right. No such thing. But we did get that chair for Louis, and slightly different ones for us (more comfy and with black cushions.

It was a long but satisfying day. And today we move. Luuk's already gone with the first car load. I'm staying here to pack and so Louis can have a nap. Better get on with it! We have no phone or internet at the new place, so will be off the radar for a while.

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  1. yay! exciting for you guys. Good to see you are getting settled in :) We love those chairs too - have sat in them many a time in our local IKEA. IKEA rocks! (don't forget to try the swedish meatballs in the resto!)