Sunday, February 19, 2012

Past it

How many times have I heard someone longing for the good old days, when the shops were shut on Sundays? What it actually means is a mad rush on a Saturday evening. Partly our own fault for squeezing in a trip to IKEA in between sorting out our new apartment and buying groceries... But, success at IKEA: three chairs (including a tiny one for Louis), two light shades, a gorgeous-smelling candle and a road-map  floor rug for Louis' new bedroom.

The apartment is fantastic. But I'm too tired to post pictures or write more, so will do it tomorrow. Domain matin.

And then we'll be in our new place, which doesn't have internet yet. But we'll find a wireless hotspot and I'll have a cell phone really soon. Fingers crossed. Very glad to be moving in tomorrow, to be settling down. Louis coping very well despite having his dinner at 9.30 and going to bed closer to 10. Seems to have gotten over his cold. I'm struggling to shake the cough, but otherwise feeling good. Baby kicking and all that jazz.

Hoping for a good night sleep, back-ache free. Tomorrow night we'll be in our own bed. Yay!

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