Monday, February 13, 2012

Leisurely we go

A very leisurely day - without being cooped up inside the whole time.!

We did stay home for most of the day (watched two Star Wars movies back-to-back and did laundry) but in the afternoon we went to see the Carnival of Colour in Ville d'Antony. This was a kids event really, and all of it pitched at kids older than Louis, but we will soon be living in Antony and I thought it'd be nice to go along to a community event. There were lots of craft activities for kids to do, and a costume contest, bouncy castle, face-painting, etc. I think it might be school holidays - mid term break possibly, not sure - and what a cool thing for the community to put on.

But not really pitched at us, or Louis (too little for the bouncy castle), so we continued exploring Antony. We parked right outside the apartment we move into (in just one week!) and walked down the street, past a few little shops, then had a wee nosey in a very cool little church. Would have taken a photo, but hadn't taken the camera. Anyway, very cool old stone building... and all of 200m from our front door. Continued on down the cobbled street to find a boulangerie, patisserie and choclaterie! Hallelujah. Also a little Lebanese restaurant which we'll have to try some time. Continued on to wander past the train station and then all around the neighbourhood shops. I am so excited to live in this area. It is cute and village-y, but convenient to everything. Perfect.

We had tentative plans to go to a church service this evening, but found a place to eat dinner instead. Man may not live by bread alone, but add chicken, cheese, chips and salad... hm.

Then we walked back to the car and, thanks to GPS, didn't get lost, just slightly de-toured. Which happened to take us past a park with a playground! Less than 50m from our apartment, but I wouldn't have seen it if we'd taken the most direct route.

Over 2 kms of walking. Then we went and ate fries.

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