Thursday, February 9, 2012

Radio silence

Horrible horrible day yesterday. Luuk was up half the night, sick, and then come morning I got it! Felt lousy all day. Fortunatly Luuk was improving about the time I went down hill, so he was able to look after Louis, and also go and get some food. Perks of having a tiny kitchen: fresh food regulary. Cons: run out of food easily.

I slept a lot and started to improve late afternoon. Ate some plain bread and drank lemonade.

Slept pretty well last night and woke hungry - definitely a good sign - at 4am. Feeling better, no doubt about it, but still pretty weak and pathetic. Luuk's gone to work today and will be coming back to pick us up later: time to get us a french bank account! Steps in the right direction. Hurrah!

So relieved to be better, and the baby is still kicking occasionally. Had horrible stomach cramps yesterday evening, probably just tired muscles as by-product of being sick, but was worried about miscarriage of course. It's one of those things that are hard not to worry about it when you're pregnant anyway, but add a tummy upset into the mix and of course I'm freaking out. Which I'm sure doesn't help.

Strangely, when I was first pregnant with Louis people kept telling me all these horror stories of their own, and other people's, miscarriages. It came up alarmingly often. I don't know why people felt it was a good idea, but for some reason the story they needed to share with their newly pregnant-for-the-first-time friend was about how it could all go horribly wrong: recipe for stress! Having had a very successful and trauma-free first pregnancy, I've been pretty laid back this time round, and then there's been so much else going on, what with moving to France and all, that I've been distracted from thinking about the baby.

I'm 23 weeks pregnant now. Had to look that up... hm. First time around I could have told you down to the week-half. Hope this poor baby isn't totally neglected.

Still able to wear slightly larger but otherwise normal clothes. Basically, just look chubby. Not particularly pregnant. Last time around that really bothered me and I'd wear things that made it super-obvious that I was pregnant, not just over-indulging in the pies. This time I care way less. Am I letting myself go? Oh, probably.

Going to have a rest now, while Louis is asleep and before we go to the bank.

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  1. Oh no! Hope you are feeling better, and that you can get an obstetrician sorted asap to put your mind at ease. Thinking of you guys!