Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nous allons en ville!

We made it! We only saw part of the Eiffel tower (the top bit)... next time we'll go for the whole thing! We did, however, see Notre Dame and the Louvre. We successfully navigated the RER (metro rail), and only got confused, not quite lost, looking for the Eiffel tower. We were on the island in the middle of the Seine, not on the south bank like I thought. Oops. Walked around in a rather large loop, and regretted wearing my boots, though they undoubtedly kept my legs warm. Louis was the only one really prepared for the bitter cold, hiding behind a plastic wind-breaker in the buggy. I was jealous. But, no doubt, the exercise was good for us, and it was great to see the central city. Definitely brought home the fact that we are in Paris. Was good for our confidence too, I think. Luuk drove, with the help of the new GPS, to his office, and on from there to the RER station. This involved going on the motorway. Terrifying. I was so proud. They love their round-a-bouts here. The bigger and more alarming, the better.

Now... photos!

Yep, Louis is in there. If you look closely you might see his eyes.

We stepped out of the RER and voila! Notre Dame!

We had lunch at a restaurant just over the bridge from Notre Dame. We both had a Croques - essentially ham and cheese grilled sandwich. Tres bon! 

Louis spent as much time flirting with everyone in the vicinity as he did eating. 

Hungry, so hungry, so very very hungry. Je suis enciente. I have a good excuse.

A long and wintry, but very beautiful (tres jolie) walk. 

I think Luuk captures how we were feeling at this point. I believe the technical term is 'munted'.

Outside the Louvre. 

Louis perked up after a bit of pain au chocolat. So did I. 

Time to go home. Another day we will venture inside. Especially now that we have discovered you can take the RER all the way there!


  1. Wow, looks like it was an absolute stunner of a day! I wish I was there! What an adventure! I am so enthused by this blog post I can't stop using exclamation marks!

  2. What a happy little fella! You guys must be having a blast. There's nothing better than a gorgeously sunny crisp day in PARIS of all places - and the perfect excuse to stop regularly for un cafe au lait or choco chaud :o)