Saturday, February 25, 2012

Several Days Later

NB: this was written on Wednesday, 22 Feb, and I only just got to a wifi spot today.

There's nothing on tv except a Doctor Who episode that isn't making any sense to me. Reading is making me feel sleepy and I already had a big sleep this morning... I have no internet, but if I write a blog post then I can just copy it on next time I connect. I was going to visit the bibliotech (library, which has free wifi! And is very close to home) when we were out earlier, but Louis was past it and I took pity. He'd been in the pushchair for too long, I guess.

Got lots done though: ticked a few more things off the shopping list (matches, lemon squeezer, serviettes), found the obstetric radiology secretary in the hospital and made an appointment, found the laboratory where I'll do my blood test on saturday, got groceries (bread, stewed apples in a big jar, lasagne pasta, and peanut butter! Score!) and had a fantastic lunch at Cafe de la Gare.

Louis had his standard home-made jam sammies, which he enjoyed with the same gusto I did my croque, which I'm sad to say I forgot to take a photo of. It's basically ham and cheese grilled on bread, but this one had roast capsicum, feta, and possibly brie grilled on top – all well cooked enough that I went right ahead, pregnant and all. Came with delish salad and these chip things – thin sliced potatoes cooked beautifully, but not really crunchy. Hard to describe but yum yum yum.

Will definitely be going back there. Louis played in the playground again – after yesterday's success I couldn't resist a return. There were a bunch of other kids there both days and he had as much fun watching them as playing.

He more-than-happily stands against the side of the sandpit and picks up handfuls of sand, dropping them into my palm... even cries a little when it's time to leave. The park is so close I can see it from the veranda.

That's the park, right there, smack bang in the middle. (Looking left from the end of our veranda.)

 Looking out from our veranda to the right.

Looking down our street. That's right - cobbles!

This really is such a great neighbourhood. The buildings and streets are so picturesque, and everything is uncannily convenient: a whole selection of patisseries, a dangerous number of choclateries, supermarkets, train station, pharmacies, banks (ours and a bunch of others), restaurants... last night, on the way back from the homewares shop, I counted 6 pizza places. Luuk passes all of them on his way home every evening. Hm...

The homewares shop – that was fun. We have this monster list of things we want/need as we're still setting up here.

Our first furniture purchases – IKEA chairs! Assembled successfully by Luuk.

Lots of our list is bigger furniture, but there were plenty of little things and we made significant process last night. Fortunately some of the big shops are open till 8 or later on a regular basis. I am reluctant to make generalisations about the french, but they do seem to keep later hours. Anyway, it meant we could go together (Luuk and me) after work. Shame the place didn't have trolleys with baby/child seats... made it a bit less fun. But we picked out some beautiful and functional things. Colour-wise, we're going for a bright light blue, a lime green, and a deep purple. Once all the packaging has gone, and the last few purchases have been made, I'll take some photos, attempting the style of a home décor magazine...

[The Daleks are about to kill everyone. Although, I suspect, if I'd watched any real amount of Dr Who before, I'd know there was nothing to worry about.]

Should probably sweep the floors but would have to tidy away the toys first and really both activities would require more energy than I have right now.

Louis enjoying the chaos.

Failed to buy meat on my mission today (the boucherie was closed after I'd been to the supermarket – it's common to close for an hour or two over lunch) so I guess we're doing vegetarian, or something with salami, for dinner. Feeling quite overwhelmed at even that prospect... and curious about the lebanese place down the way. I suppose Luuk could get pizza on the way home... Seems very lazy, but would make it more likely that we'd do a french lesson this evening.

[Or maybe there was something to worry about: only one person seemed to survive the Dalek's attack. And the doctor/companions, but they were not in imminent danger. Yet.]

Had the organised-frenchman's take-aways last night after our shopping trip. I'd stopped by the very-nearby-traiteur on the way back from my walk/wi-fi search, and picked up some of this amazing potato dish, a giant meatball each, and a cheese pastry thing. Just had to heat them up when we got home: voila!

Dinner in the comfort of your living room, ready when you are, requiring only reheating per the instructions of the traiteur. Threw a few green beans on the side so it wasn't entirely naughty. But I'll tell you, it was entirely delicieux! Luuk had picked up a bottle of wine a couple of days ago but only got a corkscrew at the homewares store, so, since we could open it, we thought we'd better have some. Perfect.

Have definitely been enjoying the food here. Mightn't have been near the eiffel tower, or even seen the arc de triumph, but I have definitely been enjoying the food. Mostly the bread, actually.

First night in new house – first time with an oven since we've got here... roast veg and baked chicken. Day-old baguette = cheesy garlic bread.

3 fromage ravioli with chicken, spinach and garlicky-good sausages, in a crème fraiche sauce.

Also enjoying our light and airy apartment.

It's gorgeous when the sun is shining in. Had to stay in most of the day on Monday cause the phone guys were coming, but Louis enjoyed lunch on the veranda, in the sun.

[Oh the poor doctor, all alone again. But someone, or quite a few people, will think of him every time they look up at the sky.]

Louis is stirring and Friends is on next. Might to a quick tidy-up before that.

Will try to get this up online soon.

PS. 1 year today since the february quake/s. It's nice, and odd, and difficult all at once, being on the other side of the world, where no one else would have even given it a thought today, but I did. A few times. I hope the anniversary passed uneventfully, but internet-less I have no clue what's going on. I suppose if anything major happened it'd be on the french news.

PPS. 2 days later I'm finally getting to post. Have to sit outside the building with the free wi-fi, which is easier when it's not raining. Louis is miraculously asleep in the pushchair, which is entirely going to bungle the routine but on the other hand INTERNET! YAY!

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