Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today's the day...

... we get the key! In fact Luuk has already got the key, and he's probably on his 2nd or 3rd load of stuff: our boxes which we freighted over from the other side of the world, as well as all the stuff Luuk's work organised for us.

... we get an OB! I sent a couple of emails last week, to obstetricians I found recommended on 'Message' (great website for english-speaking parents/tobe in Paris). I finally got a reply and he could see us today at 10am... bit of a panic trying to get in touch with Luuk, but managed to. He picked Louis and me up and we were on time to our first obstetrics appointment. The doctor speaks great english and has a sense of humour, though I'm not sure he'll be encouraging me to use gas for pain during labour - or 'gas hilariant' as it's called here. French system is famous for going straight to the epidural... which sounds rather tempting actually, but I managed without last time, in part because of that sweet sweet gas, and in part because my active labour was short (relative, very relative... felt long).

... strawberries are on special! Small fries compared to other events, but I like sets of 3, and finding pleasure  in the small things...

 C'est bonne?
Oui, maman. Vraiment!
Mmm, afternoon tea. Balanced diet - equal parts fruit and chocolate?

Also found a new nappybagthing. I refuse to buy an actual nappy bag because they tend to be made of fabrics that make me shudder, look like saturday morning cartoons, and cost an inordinate amount of money. Really, a big bag with a few different pockets does the trick. My other one was perfect, but the handle broke recently. So... voila! The replacement:
Yes, it is very (tres!) similar but feels a bit more solid. Also has no silly tassles, and more firmly-secured straps. Bit boring and black, but goes with everything. Possibly should have forked out the extra 10E for the Italian leather one further down the mall, but then it'd last for ages and I'd have no excuse to get a new bag in a year or two. Pardon me for being a hopeless consumer.

I'm very excited about going to see our apartment later this afternoon, and starting to move in! Furniture/appliances are being delivered tomorrow and then we can stay there. It's going to feel huge after this little apartment/hotel suite we've had since we arrived in France. Louis is having a good long nap, so no hurry, but really want Luuk to come and get me so I can see it already! Will post photos later/tomorrow.

Cherry on the top: dinner out in Antony tonight! Must do our research on our new locale, after all. Essential.

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