Wednesday, February 15, 2012

irrepressible cabin fever

So much for doing nothing... Louis had been awake for an hour when I got tired of playing with his toys... and he wasn't far behind. He'd already had lunch and I wasn't hungry yet. The washing cycle was about to finish... so we put the load in the dryer and off we went to explore Rue des Causses. We've been living on the corner of this mysterious little street for a couple of weeks now. Time to see what's at the end of it.

We found a park! Not a park with a playground, but I saw a slide on my walk down to Les Ulis town centre last week, so I was hopeful. Did a bit of a loop-de-loop, but found it!

I'd taken a towel to wipe it down (bit drizzly today) but he still stuck to it a bit. Ah well, he had fun!

Then we went on to the mall. I was short change for the dryer and one of the staff loaned me the 2E for it, so I needed to get some change. Plus, I was on a roll. I'd found one fun thing for Louis to do; I hoped for another.

Plus, the walk was refreshing.

I bought my lunch and then wandered up to the merry-go-round. We've passed this numerous times and watched briefly. Louis is pretty small for it, but I noticed belts on some of the seats... narrowed down our choice to the creepy mouse, but c'est la vie!

There were a couple of other kids riding the merry-go-round. Louis was so busy watching the girl in the teacup and the woman running the thing, that it was difficult getting a photo of him looking at me.

It goes rather quickly, but Louis wasn't scared at all. Loved it in fact!

I finally got his attention, but he was too busy having fun to smile for the camera. 

He was fascinated by the lights on the side of the ride. And the girl running the thing was great. The mouse Louis is sitting in goes up and down - it flies, hence the cape. All very cool. Will have to go again some time.

Ate my lunch then we walked back to the apartment. The weather is really very dreary, but the temperature is much higher - 6 whole degrees! It's nice not to need a heavy coat and hat just to step outside.

Now, while the video loads, I'm off to find a steak marinade I can make with very limited pantry resources... I have olive oil, but no vinegar. I do have oranges and pasta sauce... probably don't need both. Could be interesting. 

The result:

A huge amount of meat for 5Euro, I think, and it doesn't look tough or fatty. It's called 'tende de tranche', but that just means topside from what I can find out online... and there's a lot of variation of quality within that category.

Now I should probably do the dishes, but I think I'll just rest a while first. Might do a little writing, watch a little tv, put my feet up...

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