Saturday, February 11, 2012

pregnant, cold and stranded...

and crying at a bus stop. So very very pathetic. My bus never showed! Turns out that regardless of what the website says, the timetable on the bus stop is correct - that bus doesn't run from 10 till 2. Another bus, on the other side of the shopping center does, but I found that out from the concierge too late to actually meet my friend. Then I spent the next hour frantically trying to get hold of her, and my husband. Skype, cell phones, even gmail was failing me. Impressively bad.

And in the middle of all that my kindle got broken. I put it on the floor when I was trying to nap this morning, and then when I came back from my failed expedition, I sat down at the computer and... crunch. The chair leg was on the screen of my beloved kindle. It still somehow works but only two-thirds of the screen shows anything clearly, and that is one tough close-reading exercise.

Eventually got in touch with my friend, using my old NZ phone, which is only 2-band. I didn't think it would work but nothing else was getting any results so I figured it couldn't hurt to try... and what do you know? Murphy's bloody law: the cheapest, oldest, simplest of all the phones is the most reliable!

Managed to tell Paula to go ahead and enjoy the Louvre without me. By that point I was feeling so past-it and spending 90 mintutes on public transport would've put me well beyond appreciating art - even at the Louvre. And I really do love art. But I'll see it another day.

Been an emotional mess, and had a headache, which might be related, but could be a bonus feature of the cold I'm fighting off... insult to injury.

Must remember though: am really very lucky. Baby in my belly is dancing the tango or something. She must like orange juice. Or soccer. Bend it like Beckham, baby girl.

And must be patient with self and all circumstances: have only been in France for just over a week. There is no magic quick-fix to all the frustrations of the moment - we just have to go through them: the language difficulties, the transport issues, getting orientated, etc.

And I still get to see my friend: she's coming to stay on our couch for the next two nights. We're picking her up from the station this evening. So it's not all bad. But only if I'm being very logical, cause to be honest, for most of today, it felt ALL bad.

I'm reluctant to mention our plans for tomorrow, in fear that they won't come to pass. But as I don't actually believe in fate (now I've really gone and done it) here they are:
We're going to try a visit to Versailles tomorrow; Luuk, myself, Louis and Paula, all together! Well, at least I won't be by myself with a baby.


  1. Stink! Hope tomorrow is a much more successful trip :)

  2. I think you are dealing quite well! It is not everyday stuff to move to the other side of the world during winter. And your bad luck: it has been ok untill last week when it really got cold....
    Keep up the good hope, the beautiful smile of your lovely son will help you.
    give my regards to my favourite nephew (ahum)