Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1st day of normal life

Today is Luuk's first day of work. He even wore a shirt (as opposed to a tee-shirt).

He drove very carefully out of the icy car-park and safely made his way, through snowy Paris, to work. Hurrah! Success.

Unfortunately, the buggy is in the back of the car, so Louis and I were a bit stranded. Stranded and out of bread. So I loaded up the backpack with all the necessities for going anywhere with a baby: wipes, a nappy, sipper cup, snack, bib. And then I added all my bits and bobs: money, inhaler, tissues, lippy, phrasebook, passports, shopping bags. And finally, a well-wrapped up little Louis.

I zipped up my boots, wishing they had less heel, or none at all, and put on my new hat, my old jacket, and tied up my scarf. I hoisted the backpack onto my back, and we made our way downstairs and out into the snow and ice. Fortunately, it wasn't too cold, there being no wind.

The shopping was successful, and involved less walking-in-circles than it has other times. Couldn't find the pegs, or think of an intelligible way to ask anyone where they would be. But got everything else on the list. Haven't found Louis some thicker, warmer, possibly woollen socks.

Next stop McDonalds, in hope of a playground. But they don't have one! So I was saved from eating McDonalds, but too hungry to walk home without something. We stopped and I had a coffee and a 4 fromage panini (actually a toasted mini-baguette). Louis ate the biscuit that came with my coffee. Then I loaded up the bag, then myself, and we headed home.

Figured out how to use the camera timer, just so you could all see how spiffing Louis and I look in our winter woollies, on our adventures...

It was great to get outside after yesterday. We weren't actually snowed in, but I suppose we were voluntarily so. It was a nice relaxing day, though I did feel a bit cabin-feverish by mid afternoon. We read and watched some 'How I met your Mother' in french (figured out how to get the french subtitles to show - very helpful!) on the tv. We ate quite a lot of our food stash. Luuk made a fantastic dinner of yummy pasta and this fabulously rich sausage:

which Louis discovered he liked! Finally, a meat he'll eat un-pureed! 

For tonight, I have salmon, and I think I'll make risotto. This afternoon I think I'll have a nap, while Louis is sleeping, and perhaps look up info on obstetricians. Need to get that sorted pretty smartly. Unfortunately, it's hard to sort out anything when you don't have a bank account, permanent address, or resident card.

If Louis has a long sleep I might even take another look at my query letter draft. As soon as we have found a way of printing and a return address, I'll be sending off my romance novel to Mills & Boon. As always, sending queries is exciting and scary at once. But I think it's important that I keep working away as if I were in NZ, otherwise I'll get down. Especially while we're staying out near Luuk's work, and a long way from the trains. I'm not completely stuck at home, but going out, especially with the weather the way it's been, is hard work. It will be good for me to have things to do at home. If only there was a playground nearby, where Louis could play and I could write.

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