Friday, May 11, 2012

Yesterday, Today

Confession: I didn't write this yesterday, pen to paper, or fingers to keys, but I did have this conversation, some time before midnight... with myself...

Day 19: Bedtime blues.

Oh gosh. I didn't write my dialogue today.
You could get up - it's not as if you're asleep yet anyway.
I did write a few lines of conversation in my novel earlier. That'll do.

But it won't. I looked over that bit of the novel draft this morning and it's not succinct or interesting. So this little slice of my internal duologue will do for yesterday's 100 Days effort.

Today's effort, from a dry sandpit of inspiration... (not enough moisture to hold together a castle - did I take the metaphor too far?)

Day 20: Dinner Theater

Dad: Do you want to try this?
Toddler: puts out hand and takes slice of salami. After a moment's consideration throws it on the floor.
Mum: While you're down there there's lots of other food on the floor.

It doesn't help that most of the day I'm in the company of a toddler who doesn't really speak intelligibly. He has got 'ball' down - says it and means it consistently. Also 'nah!' when he doesn't want to eat the pasta dish I made just for him - a whole giant dish of cheesy pasta spirals with thin carrots and beans that he can manage with his four little teeth. These are all things he likes and eats... but no! Not any more. I made a whole lot of the stuff and voila! He doesn't like it anymore. Happily ate a bit of my quiche crust at lunch. And then some cheese, and strawberries. Well, on the upside, it's strawberry season! On the downside, I got two punnets and about half were either past it or well on their way. Made a smoothie from the ones that were threatening not to make it to this evening. Louis was happy to help me drink/eat my smoothie too. Did very well with a normal cup, though at one point he did start to shake it: very nearly carnage.

Strawberry smoothie went down a treat: strawberries, milk, yogurt, cream cheese and berry coulis. 
What's not to love?

Then after lunch he had another go on the potty. I really thought it was going to happen. Photographed the momentous occasion and all, but despite making all the right noises and facial expressions, he saved it all for the nappy.

The potty remains unscathed.

Went to the market this morning. We are well stocked with fruit and veg, and have a traiteur-made lasagna for dinner. Easy peasy. At two for 10Euro it's tempting to have this meal all the time. Usually, one month out from having a baby is the time to start stocking up the freezer for after the baby's born. I have three meals in there now, but frankly we can probably manage the walk to the market, or even one of the local traiteur's, for dinner-to-go when we need it. Tonight we're trying the spinach lasagna. Got us some canolli as well - like from The Godfather: "Leave the gun, take the canolli." I'm not sure if I've tried them before but I was standing at the Italian traiteur, waiting for the lady to slice up the salami, and I thought, 'hey, dessert! Done.'

Other highlights of the day:

Got a big box of pressies from a friend in the USA, including some baby girl clothes her little girl has grown out of - so cute! Minnie mouse, pink and purple, frilly in places... perfect!

Gorgeous hot afternoon so after our naps we went to the 'aire de jeux' - so did every other child in Antony. Good thing there are lots of other playgrounds in Antony.

Louis had a blast and seems to have escaped sans sunburn.

At one point he started walking around without a clear destination - just wandering, in circles or after the ball - this is progress! Kept falling and getting right back up again without pause. I'm so proud.

Oh, I should report back on last night's dinner - I tried out two new recipes.

Both were successful but probably not going on the regular roster. 

It was the first time I cooked duck and I'll definitely do it again. 

The cheesey puff was yummy but really a lot like a puffy cheese omelette. Too much work and too many dishes for an omelette.

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