Monday, May 14, 2012

Bonne Weekend

We're having a lovely slice of summer here in the Ile de France. The weather has been better on the weekend than it was during the week - take that Murphy!

We begun, on Friday evening (which is where a weekend should really start), with constructing a cot, gifted to us by a colleague of Luuk's. Now there are two cots in Louis room and not a lot of floor space, but maybe this will help with Louis' growing understanding of what is about to take place.

Louis helping his Dad tighten up the joints - learning how to use an Allen Key.

 On Saturday Luuk had grand bike-shopping plans and headed off first thing. The first place, he tells me, was a bit pricey.

The second place was a bit late in opening, but worth the wait. A couple hundred Euro later... un velo!

In the afternoon it was my turn to take off on my own, for a much needed hair appointment. Luuk and Louis enjoyed the summery weather on our porch at home.

Someone didn't want to have his afternoon nap, but was happy enough.

Meanwhile, I was transformed from the regrowth-monster into this beauty. So many photos were taken before I gave up and accepted that while pregnant I will always be a little frustrated by my appearance.

You're so vain.

Sunday dawned with much promise, and then went and lived up to it. We go to a tiny off-shoot kind of church most Sunday evenings. The main church meets in Versailles in the mornings and this week were blessing their new sanctuary (the area where church services are held) - so we all got together for a special service... including a scrummy lunch of nibbly goodies and drinks - including champagne! Anglicans eh? The French eh? Love it.

Luuk had to dash off after the service to pick up an ebay purchase: a bike seat for Louis. After a good solid afternoon nap, the boys took advantage of this new treat...

Off we go!

Honey, I'm home.

Lookin good.

My biker boys.

So I'm hoping they can do their father-son bonding off on the road, getting some exercise and having a blast. Meanwhile I can ensconce myself in a cafe and work on that novel!

And now it's time for dinner and a relaxing evening before kicking off another week. Perhaps we will watch the last episode of 'Sherlock'. Perhaps I will finish reading my book. I will definitely write my 100 Days post for today.

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