Thursday, May 17, 2012


I can't get to sleep. Just can't get comfortable. And now I've started to get itchy... the downward spiral begins. I could lie in bed and re-try all the different sleeping positions, hugging pillows, applying lotions... but Luuk needs his sleep and I wake him up enough in the night as it is.

It's the middle of the night, so forgive my utter lack of originality... but this is how I feel:

This was made a few years ago by some Australians, essentially to make fun of the New Zealand accent, among other things. The Kiwis liked it so much they sort of claimed it as their own.

Obviously, while I relate to the whale in many ways, I still have absolutely no problem eating chips. Just to be clear.

I had a thought, earlier today, while beached on the floor, awkwardly playing with Louis: at this point in my pregnancy with him was the last time I went to Cathedral Square in Christchurch. Louis was born betwixt quakes. The September quakes hit when I was 7 months pregnant. There was damage but the serious stuff all went down (quite literally) in the February quakes, when he was nearly 4 months old. Around the time he was due we had visitors from up north, a cousin and her boyfriend. We showed them the town, as you do. Back then, of course, Cathedral Square was right up there on the Christchurch-must-see list.

(Photo not mine. Belongs to this guy.)

I was feeling the full weight of pregnancy and needed to sit down for a while. So I found a spot under a tree and the others went into the Cathedral.

(Also not mine. The Otago Daily Times, in fact, have NOT given me permission.)

Now the cathedral looks more like this and no one's sitting under the trees in the square. Guess I should have taken the chance to wander through it again, but little did I know... and I wouldn't have appreciated it anyway - distracted by sore feet and all that jazz. I'd been in the church before, but never did go up the steeple. And never will.

On that charming thought, I might have another go at going to sleep. At least none of our neighbours are partying - that was another thing that happened just before Louis was born. All I wanted, then and now, was a good night sleep. Is it so much to ask?

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