Saturday, May 12, 2012

Personal and/or Professional

By myself
Took the train,
With a toddler,
In the rain.

Woop! Next time we might go all the way to Paris. This time we went to a play group just a few stops away. And I hadn't even had coffee.

What an empowering start to the day. Came home via the bakery and got lunch plus a pastry stash for Saturday morning (and perhaps a little something later this afternoon). Louis was exhausted as didn't quite manage to have a morning nap before we left. My experiment of giving him 'dinner' at lunch time was perhaps foolish today, but I tried. He threw only two or three pieces of omelette on the floor before  gave up and ate it myself. In the end he had cheese and fruit for lunch, followed by a piece of dark chocolate.

He's stirring now, though he'll probably go back to sleep. I just hope he's not hungry. I've been getting some writing done, between reading blogs and articles on line, and catching up on my coffee in-take (though I'm not feeling much of its effects.) I'm reading a bit about writing, about character and writing practice, and also about social networking and branding - using blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. to put yourself and your work forward... Feels like swimming in the deep end, with jeans on. I'm not feeling very buoyant. But I'm not drowning.

I have moved my 100 Days Project to a separate blog and it's got me thinking about splitting this blog again - about keeping the personal stuff separate from the professional and creative side of things. In the long run I'd like to use a blog to put myself out there as a writer, to publicize my books, to record progress, to collect ideas and tools, to discuss creative process... all that fun stuff. At the moment it's all woven into my personal narratives - and frankly, the creative process is also woven into my life: I'd hate to see that disentangled.

I'm wary of having so much personal information out there for the world to see, but at the same time I know that the 30-60 hits I get on most of my posts are probably from people who already know me, so I'm safe for now.

Perhaps I should just keep going as I am until there's an actual issue/problem.

Perhaps my mixed up combo of personal life and creative process is what makes this blog any good and I'd be a fool to change it.

Perhaps I just need a better title and a more professional layout... something my marketing-genius sister and computer-genius husband can probably help me with.

Perhaps I should just keep working on my 'real' writing and talk to my agent (when I eventually get one) about all this.

Thoughts? Ideas? Offers of help? Title suggestions?

No more potty photos? Oh, okay.

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