Wednesday, May 16, 2012

pregnant lady running in a hail storm

I wish I'd gotten someone to take a photo. I know. But I was kind of busy running for cover.

I actually got caught in a hail storm this morning! It's two weeks till summer, folks. The sky was blue at breakfast, I swear it, but the wind picked up mid-morning and it was cooler than I expected when we went out some time before eleven. Louis and I needed to go to the Sécurité Sociale, which is just two minutes walk away, up a gently sloping hill (though I might as well have been climbing a mountain, the state I was in). It started raining just as we left the Sécurité Sociale. By some fluke Louis' raincoat was in the buggy. I pulled my scarf up over my head and walked the tree-lined route to the bakery - the only stop necessary on the way home. We were a little damp on arrival - the baker pointed out that the things in the buggy's cup-holders (keys, box of biscuits and drink bottle) were all rained-on, and she did express some concern for her baguette making it home un-sullied. I assured her - Ma maison, deux minute. Ca va.

C'est ne pas vrai!

I ran home through hail. Turns out I can still run, given the right inducement. Speaking of inducement... the inevitable contraction didn't hit till we were inside the foyer downstairs. But Ouchy McGouchy! Thank God we have an elevator. Stairs, in a situation like that, are just good as seats really.

It's okay though. No further contractions. Louis ate his lunch happily and now I have mine in front of me.

So I'll finish this post later.

The view out the kitchen window while I made lunch.

Plus tard...

Louis is being my lovely helper today. Most of the time...

He helped me hang up the washing. He does this by passing items from the basket on the floor up to me - I get to stay nearly-upright and the washing all gets put on the line! Yay!

Then he helped by passing me items from the giant pile of clean and dry laundry, which I could then fold and stack in little piles around me on the sofa. Got to love housework that can be done while you sit, comfortably, in one place. Thanks, wee man.

Then I took the piles of clean, dry, folded laundry to their respective homes... and returned for the last pile (my clothes) to find them strewn across the chair.

Nice one babe.

I've been reading a book about french parenting and it mentions baking with kids quite a bit... By 'baking with kids', I mean that they help mix ingredients, not that they are the ingredients. Just to be clear. 
I've also been craving the lemon cake I made for my birthday. 

Voila: my master plan was to try baking the cake, with Louis' help, this afternoon.

Sugar-coating himself en route, he added the sugar to the jug.
I creamed it with the butter and added the eggs 
(and a tiny bit of shell, but can't blame Louis for that at all).

Next step: mix flour and baking soda.
Pouring skills learned at the sandpit. Does it show?

Then I put it all together, plus the yogurt and stirred. Louis did manage a little bit of mixing but kept pulling the spoon out and so I wasn't quite hands-off enough to take a snap.

 Last step: add the lemon juice.

It's in the oven and Louis is in bed having his nap. It's my time now. Question is: to write or to work on new website design? I have bought and now I just have to turn it into a fantastic, functional and beautiful website. I've been trolling through blogs and author websites, getting ideas and inspiration. I've also scrolled through my own photos for images and bits of images which I could use. But I don't want to rush it and then regret things... so perhaps I'd best let that rest for the afternoon and get on with my novel. Much good a stunning author website will do me unless I can, you know, be an author.

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