Sunday, May 6, 2012


I do like leisurely at-home saturdays. Luuk didn't really have one - he went into Paris in search of un vélo. But Louis and I took advantage of the weather with a charming playground sojourn and brief trip to town (fresh fish for dinner and bread for lunch).

There was sand, sun and other kids to play with!

When Luuk came home again he had a little time with Louis.

Daddy is good for many things: reading stories,

for clapping with, and as a seat.

Louis had his afternoon nap and Luuk did more bike research (didn't buy one this morning - is reaching out to his uncle in the Netherlands, who is also in the know with bikes).

I read the end of one novel, downloaded some sample chapters of a few other ones on my kindle and looked over my own in-progress novel notes - trying to think my way through some plot issues and character consistency stuff.

Also did my 15th day of 100 Days - not last thing at night!

Day 15: True Love
- Sorry for being boring.
- I'm not exactly being scintillating... I kind of want to play 'Carcasonne' [1]
- No can do.
- Oh my gosh, you're printing it off. I have cardboard we could glue the pieces onto!

[1] Carcasonne is a board game.

We didn't actually make the board game yet, but, inspired by the thought, walked to the game store we drive past all the time. Louis walked quite a bit of the way there, though he did have to touch a lot of the walls and plants on the way. We managed not to buy anything - because all the marketing was in French, we were being indecisive, and Louis was being a bit of a time-bomb.

Went to a caviste on the way home... and voila more exciting dinner!

What was going to be fish and risotto became fish and white wine risotto! Petit Chablis: not bad. 

Also stopped at monoprix (supermarket) for glue (for making that board game)... and voila more exciting supper! Luuk managed to limit himself to three different types of cheese to accompany the 'Confit de Vin de Gewurtztraminer' he brought home a couple of weeks ago... yep, that's a jam made with wine instead of fruit. (Although I have definitely been part of conversations where someone has tried to claim their grape juice based beverage as one of their 5+ a day.)

One other highlight of the day:

We're not serious toilet training, just trying to break down barriers from an early age. So far, the potty is unscathed, but how cute is this kid? Magazine and everything. At one point he was looking at the lingerie page in the catalogue, and then someone on the tv made a dodgy joke, and he laughed. 

They grow up so fast.

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