Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Eastern Frontier

Went on a bit of adventure (the soft kind where you get coffee and cake, mum's shout) on Saturday... to Sumner. I realised that I haven't been there since January (Celia's bridal shower at "Poseidon" which is now on a tilt and vacant, awaiting rebuild/repair). I realised I haven't been many places at all, in Christchurch, since February. I've been to lots of other places, but not many in my own home town.

We walked along Scarborough after having strong coffee and delish brownie (with pistachios in it!) at a fancy brasserie (which was fancier before Sumner became a lot less accessible/appealing). Lovely walk in the wind. Lovely to see the ocean. Luuk carried Louis in the backpack. Last time we saw the ocean we were at Stinson beach in California. Similar temperature, I suspect.

We were all a bit gobsmacked at this stark evidence of the violence of the earthquakes, and how much the land has actually moved!

On the way there/home we drove under the crumbling cliffs, houses hanging precariously off the edges, or half-gone already in several cases. These shipping containers are stacked along the cliff-side of the road and will (hopefully) protect passers-by in the case of rockfalls.

Certainly puts a twist on lovely afternoon at the beach. I suppose we injected a measly $20 into Sumner's shrunken economy. Why do I feel I need to justify the frivolity of my lovely Saturday afternoon out? There were strange twinges of guilt accompanying me along Ferry Rd, as there often are whenever I am fascinated/amazed by the sights of earthquake damage. I live on the untouched (nearly) side of town and we play tourist, even on the days we carried shovels and wore gumboots, to the damaged areas. Then we go home to our barely-cracked, weather-proof house, with our un-chlorinated water and indoor plumbing. Survivor's guilt someone called it.

But it was a lovely afternoon at the beach. Perhaps the guilt comes because I may have found the excursion even more interesting (enjoyable?) than I would have pre-eq. Anyway, that's all I have to say about that, for now. Bound to come up again. Bloody Earthquakes.

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