Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky? Not at all

Yes, it is halloween. And I have nothing else to say about that, except perhaps I should add 'candy' to my grocery shopping list.

Quite a to-do list today. Tomorrow begins Nanowrimo and I will disappear into novelling madness. My romance novel is all planned out and ready to be written.

Writing a blog post (possibly the last for some time) was on the to do list, along with...
- phone Nana (check)
- phone rest home to organise kids' visit (half-check... I phoned & someone will call me back)
- phone and organise to pick up unpainted blackboard... save the painting of it for another day - a good nanowrimo break activity, in aid of avoiding RSIs.
- email booking to hotel in wellington
- book flights to wellington
- remind Luuk to book car for weekend in wellington
- fold laundry
- touch up paintings for Delta
- add a layer to mum and dad's christmas present painting
- walk to do groceries, unless the weather packs in
- finish up other stories (only 2 or 3 chapters to go) before focussing my fiction-crafting energy on bigger fish
- email celia awesome recipe, affectionately nicknamed 'breast milk pork' because it makes your milk AWESOME and your baby sleep for longer at night. Did I mention it was awesome? It's actual name: Dong Po Pork. And it's awesome.
- make a stack of baby food - apples/pears mix for Louis' breakfasts, and some of mum's awesome chicken and vege soup, which he likes, and which has vegetables in it, and no jam! These are all things in its favour. Louis is being a right pain with food at the moment, decorating the room in general and making a lot of fuss, being contrary as ever - loving cheese one minute and screaming about it, flinging it across the room, the next. Frustrating.

Sigh. Better get on with it all then.

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