Thursday, October 6, 2011


Finally had a go at water colours. Started off by inking a picture of a couple of trees. Recently started playing with a quill and ink I bought years ago. So I drew my outlines with that, and then added colour...

Sorta looks like a children's book illustration eh? Big ink blot in the middle, but hopefully, with practise I'll get better at the quill thing, and stop splattering spots of ink around as well.  I have a black spot on my middle finger, just like Jo March.

Next picked up my pencil sketch, the cover-in-progress of my children's book. Added colour, then inked after. Can't decide which works better because the pictures are so different.

Yes, another big ink blot... I like the dark, bold, ink lines on the jersey. Maybe next I'll try doing the basic outlines in ink, then adding colour, then going back over in ink to add detail and emphasis...

Bring on the experiments!


  1. I love these Amy! Gosh, you are amazing!

  2. Thanks! Watercolours are easier than I thought they would be. Definitely take less patience than oils :)