Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Long weekend, short week

I haven't mentioned it in a while, but in interest of representing life more accurately, Louis still loves to jolly-jump!

Had a lovely long weekend. Luuk home means I can nap while Louis is awake! Also, he constructed greater child-proof capabilities for the computer/stereo cabinet/desk thing. Meanwhile, I constructed a novel outline...

Louis completely lost interest in the increased-security computer desk, of course.

I made fish pie. Yum.

And today I did as little as really possible. So tired at the moment. Went back to bed when Louis went down for his morning nap, then took my time getting going after that. Went into office then did groceries.

Louis has been in an adventurous mood, which means exhausting but good for photos...

and video...

He can be determined... but didn't quite pull down every magnet before terrorizing the plants on the windowsill became the more appealing option.

Guess I'm re-stacking the nappy liners this evening during 'Castle'.

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