Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Wednesday Wriggle

I keep doing this thing on Wednesdays. Its my reading day, right? My effort to continue my education without the curse of course fees or 'required' reading... suddenly the reading has no appeal.

So this morning, when Louis went down for his nap, I jumped in the shower, then towel-headed, sat by the window, feet up on the opposite seat, and did some reading. But what did I read? The chapter I'm required to read for a discussion tomorrow. So much for self-motivated enriching reading.

And I could move onto reading of my own choice now - I certainly have enough books hanging around, and plenty with book marks a chapter or two in. But I'm hankering for other activities...

- more writing, because I got on a bit of a roll yesterday after I designed my character's house... and plotted the whole novel.

- watching an old tv series (happened upon the dvd case in the office clean-up on monday and it's been in the back of my mind ever since)  and painting... there are a couple of half finished paintings lying around and I keep thinking I'd like to do some more on them.

So the reading might just go out the window today. I'm wriggling out of it and onto Thursday.

Couple of things on the to-do list first:
- book hair appointment for next monday (when mum can babysit)
- book massage appointment for some time next week (luuk has a voucher that runs out in the end of october - already paid for!)
- couple of other phone calls
- empty dishwasher
- email some people who might be interested in being involved in the children's christmas thingy at church... invite them to ideas-session on Sunday evening.

And then Louis will be up and about and painting will become dangerous to the carpet. Ah well, better get on with it then.

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