Thursday, October 13, 2011

Catch up

 Lovely afternoon tea with Mum last week. Fresh coffee, gorgeous spring flowers, and delicious belgium biscuits from 'The Village Bakehouse' on Waimairi Rd. Recommend!

 It's good to know someone is enjoying Louis' lunch...

I spent a couple of days painting last week (was watching my way through an old tv series, got a bit hooked, so just kept watching and painting...)
 These are first or second drafts of some illustrations for my children's book. Just learning how to use water colours. Practise practise practise.
This one is painted too now. I'll add the photo next time I post about illustrations. Today, being Painting Thursday, might have been the day to do some more, but I want to make some progress on a large painting, currently in acrylics but will possibly do oil layers later. It is a kind of Christchurch tribute, and will be a Christmas present to my parents.

Shame I've run out of episodes of 'Christy'. What shall I watch next? All of Downton Abbey again? Studio 60? I have had a hankering for You've Got Mail recently. The morning's been a bit of a write-off, and Louis could wake soon, so I'll wait till his afternoon nap, put on a movie, and set up the easel in the lounge.

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