Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Motivation Vacation

So lethargic right now. Kitchen is a bomb site with the mess from monday night's chinese food fest and every meal since has added a little to the shambles. I'm vowing to clean it up before/during cooking dinner tonight.
It's wednesday, my reading day, and I've read... facebook.
So very lazy. Perhaps a sleep is in order.  Louis has been down for less than an hour so I can get a sleep before he wakes up if I go for it now.
But then I'd have to move from my seat here by the window, with a slight breeze wafting in from the door. The kowhai tree outside is looking spectacular, the sky is blue, and the weeds in the garden are green and growing! Ah, spring.
Just so unmotivated. Giant coffee and home-baked chocolate afghan didn't perk me up at all, delicious though they were.
A nap might be wise. I'll relocate myself to bed at least, then I can nap without having to move again.
Tomorrow I'll do better.

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