Monday, October 24, 2011

faff day

I always feel like a weekend day should be well spent (read: that you shouldn't spend it watching an entire tv series and eating toasties). But an extra day? A public holiday? A Third weekend day... bring on the tv and toasties!

It's like a free-to-faff day. I already spent my weekend well. This is like monopoly money. Can't use it anywhere else.

Weekend was pretty good. Had lovely breakfast out on Saturday (we were out of bread... what else could we do?) at Browsers - a cafe with a fish tank, which kept Louis entertained while we ate our meal at a normal, leisurely adult-not-parent pace. Joy!

Then we bought bread. And mandarins. And grapes. And a present for a 21st birthday that night. And I bought a lovely new top for my cousin's upcoming wedding. And a new black glassons cardi - so handy. Wear it all the time. Need several in case they ever stop making them.

Was worship leading at church on sunday. Went pretty well okay... who knows. Fine, I think. Read a prayer written by Jane Austen. Fantastic. Then had a lazy afternoon, watched tv, napped, made fish pie, watched the rugby. And that was when the weekend got really stressful. Holy Cow. Thank God that's over. When Richie McCaw was asked how he felt at the end, I thought he must feel just like I did after Louis was born - pure, unadulterated relief. Thank god that's over. And done. And, we won. But mainly, whew!

Today, we've watched tv and parented poorly. Louis has been horrible and tired. It's 11.14 and he's down for his second nap! It's the classic 2-days-after-late-night-it-hits. He's up and down like a bouncy ball. Cute and exhausting and thank god he'll sleep.

I'm eating a delicious pineapple and cheese toastie. We're watching a hilarious sit com called 'Community'. Hi-larious!

"You just wrinkled my brain." - Troy. Current fav. line. Will try to incorporate in a conversation soon. Classic.

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