Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tooth Number Two is Through!

What a happy chappy. And fair enough: that little white smudge to the right of first tooth, is not just a sign of things to come (poor night's sleep and whatnot) but a for-real, confirmed by my very own finger, tooth! It's through folks.

And then there were two.

No bloody couch though. If it doesn't arrive in the next 45 minutes then it'll come tomorrow. They promised. I have tidied and swept and moved furniture... again. We're all ready for our final piece of new furniture. Bring it already.

Had a lovely restful sunday with no furniture-assembly whatsoever. Watched tv, went to the Musée d'Ile-de-France (at Parc de Sceaux), had a nap, and gave Louis the last of a lollipop... This may have been why I had to force-feed him his veges at dinner time. We were on a bit of a schedule as wanted to go to church, which starts at 5.30 and is miles away. We were only a few minutes late.

Needless to say, Louis was a fan of the strawberries and cream flavoured chuppa chup. Also quite fond of the duplo at church... mainly pulling apart my constructions, but that's what I built them for of course: destruct-o-baby.

Who now has two teeth.

Double the trouble/fun.

Doesn't look like any other teeth are coming soon so here's hoping for a few weeks of calm and happy baby.

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