Sunday, March 4, 2012


Very much in the first rosy-glowing stage of culture shock, where the new place is all exciting and full of wonder, promise, pastry... but I think our apartment is starting to feel a bit like home. Our new sofa will be fabulous (comfy, not squeaky or slippery, cozy...) but it's not due to arrive for another week, so in the meantime... things that are making home more homey:

 Second day of spring... tulips! They added rather a lot to my little table decorations - a lamp, butter dish, water bottle and glass. Nice bright colours, which were hard to do justice with the light distorted in the photograph. The walls are white...
Shows the lamp better. Have two of these (care of IKEA), the other on the sideboard by the fruit bowl. Photo later, once the desk has been delivered and all the laptop paraphernalia is no longer cluttering up that space.

The only open shelves in the kitchen. So, of course, none of the others are arranged particularly aesthetically. Now that I look at it, this isn't as symmetrical as I thought. Hm. But a nice mix of new things and old faves from NZ (cat mugs and the blue/white rice bowls).

Our bedroom. Again, a mix of new and old. Duvet, books, jewelry stand from home, new pillows, lamp, bed, etc. Nothing new about the clutter on the floor...  I doubt we're show-home material.

Delicious food makes any place feel good right? Thursday evening's fare: paprika chicken and lemon butter potatoes on a delish fresh salad, with goats cheese and garlicky good mushrooms. Can I get an 'oh baby'?

Internet's slowed right down so... more pictures another day. I'm off to have a nap while Louis does. Then we might venture out to find some art supplies for me and shoes for Luuk. So much for not shopping this weekend. Still, it's not furniture shopping. That is something.

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