Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3rd time to Paris was charming

On the last day of Dad's visit we ventured to Paris to visit friends of his. We took the trains and I appreciated not having to lift the push chair one single time, because of course there were to big, strong, un-pregnant men to do the heavy work!

Louis has mastered the expression and stance of a Paris metro-rider.

Dad and his friend, throwing an American football and talking about Rugby, at Trocadero.

We left Louis at their home to have a nap and went out for lunch at a place called 'Le Mexique', on Place de la Mexico... but there was no actual mexican food on the menu. Still, my Croque Monsieur was delicious. And our friends made mexican for dinner to make up for it (thanks to Picard frozen foods!)

Louis made himself at home, hanging out with the kids and their grandma, charming everyone, as ever. He earned us an open invitation for babysitting anytime we want to go into Paris! Museums, shows, social life... here we come! And of course it was great to make some new friends.

Waiting for the train on the way home... just shy of midnight, on the night before daylight savings starts... of course.

Dad headed home on Sunday morning and we headed to the market, enjoying the lovely spring weather.

And the lovely fresh fruit! 
Although these are making laundry a nightmare. Louis is running out of trousers. Again.

One last pic, just for fun.
What do you do with the box after you've eaten all the treats from the patisser?

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