Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY for cheats

Luuk's been busy in the last couple of days, making stuff! He loves making stuff, and here in France we are discovering some handy-dandy ways to make stuff without the usual hassles of doing it from scratch.

Last night for dinner I planned pizza. There are lots of wonderful cheeses and cold meats that I want to eat but am warned away from because I'm pregnant... however if I cook 'em on a pizza I'm good to go. So I keep meaning to make pizza, but a decent base is difficult/too much like hard work. I associate pizza with laziness, so I had a look at the supermarket and found the ready-made pizza bases...

Vraiment? In a can?

What the hell is in this stuff? It expands!

But it unrolls rather beautifully. Nice.

And voila!

Was awesomely good, and short on the dishes front. Will definitely be doing that again.

Then today we had furniture delivered. Flat pack furniture!

When this grows up, Son, it's going to be a desk.

Team work. It's all about the team work.

Strength testing. Also checking out the different drumming noises we can get out of it: impressive variety for a structure entirely made of particle board.

├ža marche!

Luuk and I did the desk together. We're quite the drawer-building team now. But he did most of the rest on his own. The shelves were a pretty quick slap-together, but look great and match our dining table and sideboard perfectly.

Almost finished bookshelves.

Between the desk and the shelves, our dining table is now delightfully cable-free! Things are starting to find homes! I am a little on the over-excited side...

The last job was a much bigger one and I had virtually no part in it. Instead, I played with Louis, fed him, got buried by him (with his toys), talked to my mum and brother on skype, put Louis to bed, made dinner, rearranged some stuff on the shelves/desk and wrote the beginning of this blog.

Louis is going through a phase where he brings you toy after toy...

Meanwhile, Luuk created our new wardrobe!

Just needs doors. (The drawers are done, just not in place.)

And so we are nearly all set up. We have a couch delivery scheduled for Monday morning, and then that's it for furniture. The couch requires assembly, which could be an all-new challenge, but I'm sure between the three of us we can pull it off. Then we'll be testing it out, sleeping on it for a few nights while Dad is visiting this coming week.

A couple more photos before I finish my chocolate chaud and go to bed.

Story time/coffee break!

Cute time. (Ever so slightly turning it on for the camera, perhaps.)

Dessert time!
(clockwise: fromage blanc with raspberry coulis, grapes, blood orange or 'sanguine'... so delish, and strawberries. Summer is coming!)

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