Friday, March 16, 2012

Flirting, Fabric and Fair weather

Louis is such a pro-flirter. Language barrier is nothing to him. Charms grown women without hesitation, but he's getting quite skilled with the toddler-ladies. Yesterday he chatted up the toddler in the push chair in front of us at the supermarket check out. Then we went to the play ground where there were more ladies to love...

He played with this cutie in the little play-house bit of the playground for ages. So sweet. At one point she stroked his hair. And I saw him touching her hand later on.

Got flirted with myself today. Was rather strange as I am visibly pregnant and also had Louis in the stroller... There I was, trying out my french on the poor guy at the lebanese take-away place (where I stopped for an early lunch because I really needed to pee and wasn't going to be able to walk all the way home). Took me a while to figure out what was going on, because he was speaking french and I'm very limited in that department. Votre numero telephone?

Click. I pointed to my wedding ring and said something along the lines of 'Je suis married.'

Weirder still, he'd been talking to another woman with a stroller outside the shop when I first arrived. Perhaps it's a french thing...

Had a strange morning on more than one front actually. Went to coffee group... only it's not on till this avo, so I was walking back home, feeling a bit silly for not checking the time before I woke Louis from his morning nap. I see this curtain shop and figure I have time to kill, plus we need curtains, so it can't hurt to look. The lady was super-helpful and gave me a quote for all the different fabrics I liked and she's a seamstress - one stop shop! It felt very serendipitous. We've been meaning to buy curtains but are so sick of shopping for home-furnishings that we put it off.

This was my favourite fabric:
We would have this for the living room windows, I think, and then get a darker, solid blue fabric for the bedrooms. It will be great to have curtains, and to not close shutters every night. Very lazy, but there you go.

Took quite a few photos on my walk this morning. The sun was shining and the streets looked quaint...

On the way to coffee group (that wasn't actually on).

On the way back.

It still looks wintery, but if you look closely you can see the blossoms peaking from their buds.

Yay for spring! Much as I love scarves, I am enjoying not having to wear one every time I leave the house.

Now I'm going to go have a nap before coffee group. Had a horrible night last night - skin was all itchy and I got quite upset, not being able to sleep. Eventually got up, at 4.30am, and had a shower, reapplied some moisturizer, and then eventually went back to sleep... but need a nap today! And a good night sleep tonight too, if that's possible. Gah! Between pregnancy and excema... so v. v. frustrating.

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