Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beaucoup de Photos!

Haven't been doing this regularly enough... too many photos and would be an obscenely long blog if I wrote any more than captions for them. So that's all it shall be...

1st things first: Food glorious food (one of the top reasons to come to France)
Lunch. Just an ordinary everyday deliciousness.

Friday night's dinner: pesto pasta with butter-fried mushrooms and bacon on a fresh salad. C'est bon.

Breakfast on saturday: I may have gone a little over the top... French toast with creme fraiche, strawberries and bacon, and then a side of ham and cheese croissant. 
If you're going to go over the top, then this is the way to do it.

Louis enjoying some french bread at the cafe on the corner. Had lunch there again on Saturday. Fantastic fare AND a high chair for Louis. Rare here, and very much appreciated. Way to win us over.

Louis in his new bath, with his new watering can (came with the sandpit implements).

On another day, a non-bath day, Louis wanted to get in with Dad. He knew he was missing out on something.

Like father like son...
Louis and I were enjoying our new perks (internet!) while Luuk was away, watching youtube videos... Louis reached out and hit a couple of keys... opened up the source. Hm.

Just relaxing with a good book. (Also very like his father)

When Luuk got home he set to work getting the 'freebox' (which provides our internet, phone, television, etc.) set up and efficient... which demanded the purchase of a little ethernet cable. Louis was stoked.

But then knowing what to do with ethernet cable makes you more employable than not, I suppose.
(In this photo: Louis trying to open my easel-box)
There is still, and always, the possibility he'll end up a struggling artist... like his mum.

Enjoying the sunshine (and waiting for the couch to be delivered... it never came but we're on to it.)

Checking out the menu for Planet Sushi. Luuk will be stopping there on the way to the hospital, at the latest, the day after this baby is born.

Today (Sunday) is our wedding anniversary! 5 years ago today and we were just leaving our wedding reception. This afternoon we're off to Paris to see the eiffel tower and maybe some other sights (weather and line-length dependent)... even have a babysitter coming.

This morning we went down to the local market, which is huge! Sells all sorts of things from clothes and accessories, to kitchen implements and furnishings. 

Then there's produce, flowers and every type of food...
I am getting more confident asking for what I want, and also asking the vendors how to say things correctly in French. "En francais, comment dites [insert English word with french accent here]?" Everyone seems very happy to help me with my french (perhaps appreciating my efforts).

The cheese selections are particularly spectacular. This is one of SEVERAL frommageries. Overwhelming? Yes. But I am limited to the pasteurised cheeses. Which, strangely, helps. Still, I am very much looking forward to exploring the options more thoroughly once I am allowed to do so.

Who's that handsome man buying flowers?

Feeling very french-villagey (and looking very preggers), carrying home our baguettes (lunch!) and the flowers from the market. It is our wedding anniversary, after all. Red roses... very appropriate.

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