Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bois de Vincennes

Today we visited a huge park just on the edge of the 12th Arrondissement of Paris. The Bois de Vincennes is 995 Acres of forest and park, including the Paris Zoo (out of action until 2014!) and a castle!

First stop: the castle.

Nice moat.

We walked around about a quarter of the outer wall and then entered via one of several bridges over the moat. (Is it a moat when there's no water?) The outer wall looked so old (which it is - 12th Century) and as if it had taken heavy fire (possibly weather damage...).

In we go!

Dwarfed by the church - the Sainte-Chapelle.

All this grand scenery... Louis was most fascinated by the cobbles and gravel.

Inside the chapel: Louis and Grandpa and incredible stained glass windows.

Luuk and Louis, exploring an alcove in the church.

Louis and Dad in front of the keep.
(Possibly appreciating very different aspects of things)

Worn out from climbing up the towers of the keep... we went for lunch.

Then we went for a drive around the park and stopped at the sight of this gorgeous lake with boats for hire!

Luuk rowed first, while Louis sat happily on my lap and nibbled on the last of his snacks. 
(The jersey on his head was to protect him from the sun... gorgeous day today!)

Sitting on my lap quickly got boring and Louis decided to drag his hand through the water, which we let him do because as long as he was happy we could perhaps have our full hour of boat hire. 

Dad took over shortly after this and we sped up quite a bit.

Cool view from the lake - caves and architecture on the end of the southern island within the lake.

I rowed for the last leg (and we slowed down again... so unco!) and Louis decided trailing his hands through the water wasn't enough. By some miracle he didn't go in.
But he was pretty wet. Classic kiwi kid, on the way back to the car: barefoot, soaking wet (after impromptu water sports), with chocolate all over his face.

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