Friday, March 23, 2012

Fat Tummy, Furniture, Fromage and Whanau!

 Greetings from giant pregnant lady. I am fully aware that calling myself giant, when I still have 3 months of pregnancy to go, is unwise. But there it is nonetheless. (Also in photo: dirty breakfast dishes and cluttered bookshelf.)

New favourite thing: our lovely couch! Slept on it last night and it is fantastic. You are all now welcome to visit. You'll be sleeping on our bed so that you're spared Louis' charming 6am wake-up call. I'll be hiding under the duvet hoping he doesn't notice I'm in the room, while Luuk gives him breakfast. I have a lovely hubby.

 In exciting news, Dad has come to visit us! He's here for a few days rest between business engagements and the arduous trip home to NZ (though in business class, to be honest, the ardor is less aint it?)

We had a fantastic feast of a meal at our local pizzeria, La Terrasse (previously featured on this blog in my sketch - next door to the traiteur). Wonderful meal and the service - incredible. The wait staff were great with Louis, provided bread and pocky and plenty of entertainment, while insisting we speak to them in French while they reply in English.

The desserts were particularly delicious. Dad got Profiteroles. Everything came with ice cream and Chantilly cream... 

I let Louis eat most of the Chantilly cream off mine. He was a bit manic when it was 9pm and he wasn't quite in bed yet...

Dad and I had a leisurely day. Went for a decently long walk including a visit to the supermarket and the market-market...


Today's cheese selections, which we enjoyed with a little Alsace Gewurztraminer while our cannelloni (from the Italian traiteur at the market) was in the oven.

Louis is turning over new leaves at an alarming rate. He has tooth #3 already! Front tooth on his right at the top. Also he's decided that he'd rather walk. Lots.

Ended our walk at the park over the road. Louis is beginning to understand that the spade is for relocating sand, not just pounding it.

More walking, this time holding Luuk and Dad's hands. Louis walked from Hotel d'Ville (town hall equivalent) to our stoop this evening. Was very excited, basically running, but wore himself out. 

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