Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sweet Moments

When doing the 40 hour famine it always struck me just how much our lives are structured around our meals. Well, at the moment I feel like naps are the bookends, breaking up my day and defining its quality...

In between naps, there are to-do lists and shopping-lists and in amongst all that there are moments. I am trying to pay attention and be aware of these moments, these small, insubstantial, ordinary moments. 

Sometimes I manage to capture them on camera...

The new tv remote makes just as great a phone as the old one.
(He seems so close to walking, but still stays near the furniture and isn't that interested in walking holding our hands.)

Yesterday afternoon, while sweeping the floors (80% of the dirt was sand!) I discovered I had some company. He/she was the exact same shade of red as my roses.

Louis loves having his face blown on. We play a game where I do it and we both lean in and away at the same time. It's very cute. Tres mignon. Just a few minutes ago he was standing in front of the oven. It is a flash new thing and blows out cool air from just above the door. It's completely cool on the outside, so I don't worry too much about Louis crawling around in the kitchen when its on. Anyway, Louis is standing there, having his face blown on by the oven! Little blonde wisps of his hair are flying straight up and catching the low evening sun. Gorgeous.


Went to coffee group on the bus this morning. We took Louis' snuggly toy, the one he always sleeps with, a knitted chimney sweep toy that Luuk got when he was a kid. Usually I don't take this anywhere, barely out of the cot, because I'm terrified we'll lose it. Today, I pulled Louis out of bed prematurely in order to go to coffee group, and so I let him bring his dear Chimney Sweep along. I tucked him into the straps of the push chair to make sure we didn't lose him. As soon was we got to coffee group, I put him in the push chair basket - we weren't going to leave him behind. On the walk back to the bus stop I told my friend that I had to be careful not to lose the toy or we'd be in big trouble. And then when I got off the bus... he was gone! Panic!

I checked on the bus, but no toy. I called Luuk and we decided to go back after he finished work. It was after midday, I was tired and hungry (only had a couple of biscuits since breakfast, which was the last two bits of a stale loaf of bread), and Louis was only worse, with his short morning sleep and all. So Louis and I went home, and miraculously, Louis managed to have his afternoon sleep, sans Chimney Sweep (in the company of cookie monster, elmo, and a giraffe named Seinfeld).

Luuk got home half an hour ago and we immediately went on our Chimney Sweep Hunt. And found him! Some dear dear stranger had picked him up off the foot path and perched him on a fence post. Angel! I was so excited. Almost danced in the street... okay, I did. Just a little. Skipped back to the car.

Not taking Chimney Sweep out again. Learned our lesson. But what a moment!

The lasagne is almost done, so will sign off with one more great moment...

Today I saw a smart car with its wheels stolen. It made me laugh. Almost took a photo. Feel a little guilty for how much joy this gave me. But there you go. Hi-larious. I suppose two people with nothing better to do, and no conscience, could simply lift the car up and off you go with four tiny wheels. Tehe.

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