Friday, April 27, 2012

Vacances, part 2

The second day of our holiday came with sunshine! Took a while to get warm, so initially we weren't stripping off and making a dash for the pool, but we did relocate the games to the great outdoors.

Oh, so this is what the glasses are for... I must look as cool as my mum.

Adam, strategising.

Tantrix (the game) and morning tea of fresh croissants and coffee. Nice.

Just hanging out.

Eager to make the most of the weather, but still a little wary of the likely-cold pool and definitely-cold sea, we headed to the Tennis courts.

Luuk and Adam had a game, of sorts.

Louis enjoyed the show (almost as much as he enjoyed throwing the stones around)

Then it was the girls' turn. 

This was obviously such a remarkable sight that Louis lost interest in the stones.

In many ways similar to our games of hackey by the lake: the actual rules were abandoned...

and any rallies of more than three shots together were celebrated with gusto.

Not that there weren't some definite signs of potential.

What we lacked in tennis nous, was made up for in creativity,

and commitment.

It's possible the audience were less committed.

After all that hard work it was well and truly time for a swim! The water wasn't too cold - it was fine if you dived right in and took the shock straight up. A minute later and us hardy adults had adjusted. Little Louis on the other hand, with less experience of such things, took his time: stood on the step and splashed happily for most of the time. Was in fact drenched for quite a while before he went any further.

Hold on tight.

Time to get out.

This is the look for sunbathing.

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