Thursday, April 26, 2012

Days 2-5

We got back from holiday late last night. We have 2 days at home before heading to the Netherlands, which means loads of laundry and some very limited grocery shopping. We had a wonderful time away, but that will be covered in my next post. For now I have four days of 100DaysProject to catch up on. I did them, I did! But posting was difficult without consistent cell phone coverage... So here we have it:

- Day 2: Just a game -
Player 1: Just think of the conversation we could be having right now.
Player 2: Yeah, what's that?
Player 1: If you'd put your piece there, then right now I'd be saying 'where would you like me to put this?'
Player 2: I'll tell you where to put it.
Player 3: Hey, we'd like to use these pieces again.

- Day 3: Weathered Icons -
A: Jesus is looking a bit rusty.
M: He probably wasn't looking too hot at the time.
A: C'est vrai.

- Day 4: Group decision making part 1: Restaurants -
Person 1: What do we think of this place?
Person 2: Oh yeah.
Person 3 shrugs and peers at menu.
Person 4: Looks good to me.
Person 1: It's not too expensive?
Person 2: Oh, maybe.
Person 3: As long as you just want to share a pizza.

- Day 5: Group decision making part 2: The Joy of GPS - 
Driver: So are we going to the beach?
Passenger 1: Looks kind of windy.
Passenger 2: Is there a park near here?
Passenger 3: Why are we going to the train station?
Driver: So that we had somewhere to set the GPS to.

Holiday photos to come - just a little teaser above :)

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