Monday, April 2, 2012

An Abbey!

We are trying to make the most of our relatively short time in France by making sure to do some exploring most weekends. Tempting as it is to relax at home...

Louis' current favourite: Old MacDonald's farm.

This weekend Luuk wanted to head out to the country where colleagues of his had told him there were 20 thousand 'Chateau' (or castle), rarely visited by tourists. With the help of google maps he narrowed it down to just the one and off we went with our handy dandy GPS to find a castle!

We stopped in a cute little town nearby, for lunch.

Check it out: an anchor. Really not very close to any oceans...

Lunch was 'Gallettes': crepes loaded with meat and veggies. Mine was salmon and potatoes with creamy mushroom sauce.

Luuk and Louis, enjoying lunch. Luuk had a gallette. Louis... crackers, cheese and grapes. Very refined.

Little old church in little old town.

We drove on to our destination and walked down a little cobbled road, past the hotel (country retreat anyone?), through an ancient arch, over a bridge, and voila...
The Abbey! 
The closest part of the main buildings are a ruined cathedral (not quite so far gone as the archway in the foreground obviously) but part of this is still refurbished (I presume) and functions as hotel and restaurants.

Inside the ruined Cathedral.

Standing on the roof of a building which is all set up for a piano concert later in the day. Love the window frames.

Walking around the main building, in search of that big lake we spotted on the way in.

There it is.

Charming boat house. Weather less than enticing for boating. It was more of an inspriting-a-gothic-novel kind of day. Il ne fait pas tres beau.

Other random ruins on the grounds around the Abbey.

The little man, enjoying the views.

At the back of the Cathedral, opposite end from grand window frame.

Afternoon tea in 'Salon de the': deux cafe et un assiette du chausson chocolat - chocolate shoe pastry!

Refueled, we made our way back to the car and Louis stayed awake all the way home - silly muppet.

Crashed out in his own bed though. Aw... We were exhausted as well so it was nice to have some lazy-time. We're working out way through 'Doc Martin' - British TV series I got as an early birthday present from my Mum and Dad. Thanks!

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