Friday, April 6, 2012

Coming soon, to a blog near you...

Two close friends recently responded with great surprise to my casual use of the feminine pronoun in reference to the bub-within... and it occurred to me that I have been less than forthright with that information. Probably something to do with moving to the otherside of the world and generally neglecting child no.2 because of the constant distraction of child no.1... hopefully not too hard a trend to reverse/break.

Introducing the wee lass. Yes, definitely a girl.

Gender has been confirmed by three different professionals on two different continents. 
Was all very obvious (and rather unladylike).
Enough, stop staring! Let me sleep. 
(Hm, know how you feel little miss aerobics at 11pm)

Those images are from the scan (echographie, en francais) I had several weeks back. Only got hard copies, but it occurred to me when seeing someone else's ultrasound pictures on facebook, that I have the technology to overcome that little hurdle. Hello, good quality digital camera and handy dandy image editing software.

In other news, child no.1 is working on his housekeeping skills (perhaps having realised his mother is seriously deficient in this department)...

That is a for-real and actual dirty towel that he is loading into the washer! May not be walking or talking much, may only have three teeth, but it's official: he's a genius!

And a good sleeper. Which meant I could do some sketching today.

a rough idea/plan for the canvas I'm planning to paint for a curtain over our hallway door. 
Already have the canvas hung up (for privacy when visitors stay and someone sleeps in the lounge) but it is all plain and boring. 

Just woke up much? Love the hair.


  1. Was reminded of an 18 month old Sophie "helping" me by putting green beans in the washing machine.

    1. Yes, there are pros and cons to toddlers learning how to operate machinery. A finished load of laundry got started again recently, and our washer is a bit to 'smart' to just let me stop it and open the door. Gr.