Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Adventures in parenting...

We've been having an interesting time recently with a very up-and-down toddler - up and down in every sense. 
We've had some phenomenal tantrums, especially around meals. How difficult it is to get him into the highchair is a good indicator of how the meal might go. But then sometimes he chills out totally once he's in there. Other times, even Elmo videos won't do the trick. I'd be doubting the food quality but he is totally inconsistent - loving a dish one night and refusing it another.

Often he just wants to watch TV. We didn't have one in NZ, though we did show him videos sometimes. He loves playing with the remotes and is no longer contented to pretend they're telephones. He has taken to handing us a remote when he wants to watch TV... and he's less than happy when we immediately put the remote up on the sideboard, out of reach. Surprise, surprise.

But sometimes we just cave-in. Bit of father-son bonding time... (excellent shirt choice, Luuk.)

To be fair, Louis is not the only one craving things that aren't very good for him. It's been a couple of months since we last had fish'n'chips. Can't get them easily around here, but wasn't too difficult to throw together our own. Bit fancier than Capt. Ben's too... though it is hard to duplicate that perfect crunchy batter without your giant tub of lard to cook it all in. We miss you Capt. Ben.

Louis is not the only one who wants to do something just cause he hasn't before. He's curious, interested in the world, and I love that about him. But it can be a nuissance. And the same could be said of me... my curiosity is not always in my best interest. Exhibit A: Mille Fuille

Amazing french pastry that a friend was raving about. Thought we should try it. Very glad I only bought one - so rich! That's a caramelly glaze on top, and I suspect Chantilly cream between the layers of buttery crisp wafers of pastry. Was an absolute dream of vanilla, caramel, butter and awesome. 

Louis doesn't seem to need the sugar kick to get him bouncing - oh to be a toddler. He's rearing to go on the walking-front. About time eh? In a week he'll be 17 months old. (Also, I'll be 7 months pregnant, and I'll turn 27 years old... hm, the 7s eh?)

Last week he was trying out standing/bouncing. I think he's figured out that momentum keeps you upright. The whole process might be safer if he'd just try to stand still, but this way is at least entertaining...

Can't safely play this game with me anymore - or at least not very comfortably. Probably isn't good for his little sister, being pounded on by this tiny dancer. Though it doesn't stop him trying. I keep telling him, explaining, that I really haven't been eating too many Pain au Chocolat - it's the baby making me fat. I don't think he gets it. (And it's possible I have been eating too many Pain au Chocolat, I suppose, if I'm being honest.)

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  1. Briar didn't start walking until around the 17/18 month mark. It's probably a Paulussen thing ;)