Sunday, April 15, 2012

A pied

Just a few minutes walk from our apartment there is a park we have not yet visited - till yesterday. It's not really on-the-way anywhere so I haven't happened to pass it. I have seen it on maps, but then it's dwarfed by Parc de Sceaux and so hasn't inspired a trip. But now that I've seen it, I think I prefer it. Sceaux is very manicured and formal, and though we have not explored the entire thing, by any means, there didn't seem to be playgrounds. Sceaux is huge and grand. Parc Heller, at a grand total of 500 meters from our door, isn't actually small, but it is a bit more user-friendly. There are little forresty bits, and lots of playgrounds, sports fields and courts, a pony club and little animal farm (including an un-wonky donkey), a lake with ducks, a stream with bridges (which is unfortunately stagnant: no Pooh-sticks here) and there's still a chateau!

Luuk and Louis fed some of the crackers to the ducks, and ate as much again themselves.

The sun came out and then went away, and then came out, and then went away...

Louis went exploring.

We watched from a park bench. 

Louis was spoiled for animals yesterday, actually. After the farm and all the horses/ponies at Parc Heller he also got to visit a pet store and met a whole lot of rodents, puppies, kittens, and fish of every colour of the rainbow. This was a reward, I suppose, for being so good while we looked at newborn car seats... doing our research. Didn't get one yet, but we've found one that might possibly fit in our tiny car. 

We did get Louis a potty, some sunglasses and new swimming togs. Today we have to find swim-nappies... Why the urgency? Because this time next week we'll be in the south of france on holiday!

Meanwhile, Louis is making loads of progress walking. He's a bit reluctant when not at home, unless holding our hands, but on the rug in our living room (or on the couch - dare devil!) he's off!

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