Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The other use of days

Free friday was in fact frivolous friday, and was followed by stupid saturday (weeding the damn garden, silly argument with husband, and rugby game) and snotty sunday (sick baby)... then must-i-move? monday.

Why? Computer games. Clocked "Braid" and then started on this old game called "Flight of the Amazon Queen" which I was getting really sick of but just finished an hour ago.

Managed to summon some self-control and got a little writing done yesterday morning... but then mum came over and there was soup to be made, a sick baby to comfort, mending to be done and hot drinks to consume (with delicious vanilla bean & choc dipped melting moments - thanks mum!)...

Today is quickly fading from a reading wednesday into a resting wednesday, as I now have the baby's cold and ache all over. So I think I'll go back to bed and get in a nap before Louis wakes up. Thank god he's sleeping is all I can say. Not as well as normal, of course, but still some.

Here i go a-napping. Yay!

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