Tuesday, September 20, 2011

flying about

We are back from a flying visit to the North Island: up on Saturday, back on Sunday, and in between Louis got to play with his cousins and grandparents and uncles, and an aunt too!

It was lovely to see him enjoying family he rarely spends time with, and nice for us too. Got to catch up with in-laws, and in-law in-laws, and had a sleep in!

The cousins had a bath together, followed by bedtime stories with Opa...

Oh the cuteness. And the mayhem. One baby is quite enough for the meantime. As I write this, it is 4.43pm and Louis is asleep (yippee). A batch of his babyfood is in the oven, baking, and my novel manuscript is printing - ooh, it's stopped. Stupid printer always mis-feeds. But then, we got it for $5 on trademe, so can hardly complain. 65 more pages to print and then I'll be on the hunt for a large envelope.

Louis spent the morning with Gran (the one who lives in town, not up north). I went to a breakfast meeting, then stayed put in the same cafe all morning, writing and character-profiling for new novel draft, until my lunch meeting. Went to get Louis, and was greeted by huge grin from head-butting baby, closely followed by coffee and fresh home baking - having a baby in the house made mum feel domestic or something... rarely has that effect on me. Although, something did, I guess, because I came home, put Louis to bed and then went to make a batch of baby food, except the pot I wanted was dirty... so I did all the dishes! How very unlike me.

Is it the promise of Downton? New season première is our entertainment this evening. Want to sit and watch it in tidy, clean environs, with lovely glass of chilled pear cider and something nummy and nibbly. New episode of Castle is out tonight too. Hurrah! I have become a tv addict.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

Now that I've taken the first step I'm going to sit down and recoup... and watch some telly.

Well, not right now. There's nothing on at ten to five in the afternoon. I could play some more of that silly time-bending computer game I started yesterday. Might keep my mind off the little earthquakes I keep feeling (or thinking I'm feeling). It's windy and our house creeks. When the printer finishes a page it makes the computer desk shake. Realised on the weekend, away from any need to be on edge, that I am ON EDGE. Stupid earthquakes. Even stupider than stupid printer.

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