Friday, September 2, 2011

Multi-function site?

I started this blog in order to keep all my 100 Days images in one place and share them with others. It's been a few months since that finished and I'm am recycling it; turning it into a blog. So, 'Scenes from a Story' will widen it's view. It will still occasionally glimpse the ever-cute and ever-more-active little Louis, but will no longer be limited to his escapades.

There is more to life than mothering, after all.

There are/is...
- books (the ones I'm reading - none of which I'm very hooked on yet - and the ones I'm writing/editing/planning-for-nanowrimo)
- food. (bit hungry actually, now that you mention it)
- friends and sisters on the other side of the world/country - some of which are coming to visit this weekend! yippee! - some of which I want to skype very soon!
- television shows. (longing for new seasons in way that reflects badly on myself)
- the garden that needs weeding
- earthquakes occasionally.
- sunday school activities to finish organising
- an exercycle sitting in my living room. I could us it. Unfortunately there are no tv shows to watch while on it.

Now I'm really hungry. I think there are some salt and vinegar rice crackers in the cupboard. Good thing we ran out of cheese - might have been quite naughty/greedy otherwise.

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