Thursday, September 29, 2011

experimenting with other people's children

Usually thursday is Painting Thursday, but paints are volatile enough with one baby crawling around and pulling himself up on the furniture, reaching for the paint water or pallette, knocking the easel feet around... Today I have two babies in the house! A friend is working - finishing of the work hours required for her qualification and trying to decide if continuing in a part time capacity is feasible with an infant... tough call! I have her darling little girl from 9-4ish. So perhaps, if the two babies sleep at the same time I'll get out the sketch pad.

Louis has been down for 2 hours now, and he could do another hour and a half, or wake any minute. Who knows? Maria is in the porta-cot in my bedroom, sporadically pitching a half-hearted cry down the hall at me, but sucking her fingers in between, and still lying on her back... sounds like going to sleep to me. So now's my chance! Bought a new (giant) sketch pad last week so I thought I'd sketch up some of my children's book illustrations. First, will finish coffee while it's hot, while I have the chance. Any second Louis could wake, and in doing so startle Maria out of her going-to-sleep... and I could lose all chance of 5 minutes to myself.

I'm thinking looking after two babies at once is probably a good idea before contemplating getting pregnant again. Certainly could be an interesting day.

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