Wednesday, September 28, 2011

failure to nap

So much for the nap. I left my spot in the sun, but before I reached my bed, I heard darling Louis crying. He was all blocked up and miserable, and wanting milk... And then is was lunch time and I had a visitor coming. Louis had gone back to bed but then woke just as the visitor left...

He went down for another nap before 4 (he has lots of short naps when he's got a cold) and I went to bed but couldn't get to sleep, needed a drink of water (all blocked-up and sore of throat myself)... and then Mum arrived, returning some mending she'd done for me. She was kind enough to leave me to my sleep-attempt.

I finally nodded off and then Louis woke at 5! I must have got 5 minutes or less in the end. For all that!

Frustrating. Very.

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