Monday, January 30, 2012

Tomorrow, tomorrow!

In 48 hours we'll be in Paris! Unfortunately, over half of that will be spent on airplanes... with a baby...

We've spent a busy few days in Auckland, or at least its felt busy cause we've been feeling so tired. Caught up with most of the people I was hoping too. We've been staying with good family friends, who were neighbours for the best part of a decade when I was kid. Feels a lot like coming home, staying at their place.

Louis eating the garden.

We've neglected to do any quintessentially Auckland things, except lunch in Mt Eden village. Which was lovely. I don't think we'll make it up Mt Eden or (n)One Tree Hill. I haven't glimpsed the harbour bridge or the sky tower, and I haven't been to Mission Bay, on this visit at least. Plenty of times before, of course.

We've spent lots of time with my grandparents as well. It's been great giving Louis some time with them, and them some time with him, before we jet off across the globe.

And now it's our last night in NZ... for now. Our washing is in the dryer, and two out of our three suitcases are already in the car. The plan for tomorrow:

Louis will be up around 6, so breakfast, etc. and all the usual morning habits... Louis will have a morning nap and we'll get on with the last of the packing and rearranging... until the final suitcase is only 20kgs and the hand luggage is organised and logistically brilliant. At around 10.30 we'll put Louis in the car and head off to the airport. Lunch with Luuk's family, and my grandparents, and then the big send-off.

My thinking is to nap on the first flight, between movies, and then stay awake at Singapore airport - swim, food, possibly a massage, definitely a good run-around on the playground (for Louis, not me) - so that I'm exhausted and relaxed, all ready to sleep for the whole second flight... all 13 hours and 50 minutes of it :( Here's hoping for a tail-wind. And here's hoping that Louis sleeps for a whole lot of it as well, in his car seat, on his airplane seat. So glad he has a seat!

Here's also hoping (last one) for a good night sleep.


  1. Bon Voyage!!!!!!! Sorry we'll miss you, so excited for you though! We'll see what travel plans the next 18 months brings up..... Lots of love and safe travels!!