Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nous allons a Paris!

Today, the moving company lady came to look at how much stuff we're storing - "a half-house load"... tehe. Why are we storing out 'half-house-load' of stuff, you ask?

We're moving to Paris! I keep on saying it, just throwing it into every conversation. Still not sure I believe it.

Starting to get excited though... now that the house is almost packed and half the furniture is gone (given away or in the garage sale pile - in the garage). Have put winter clothes into suitcases and sorted out all my other stuff. Only thing left is the kitchen, really.

Have done 30 french lessons c/o Pimsleur. There are another 60 to go...
Have got my international driver's licence. Though, heaven forbid, driving in Paris... non, merci.
Have returned some of the random assortment of other people's stuff we discovered while sorting through our own.
Have new copies of vital documents: birth/marriage certs, etc. Translations into French are in-process.
Have new passport.
Have got extra dosage of sun (oops) to make up for missing out on February (best bit of summer) in NZ.

Don't have flights booked. Hm... And meant to be leaving before the end of January. But hopefully will have that sorted this week. (Suspect my hopes are in vain.)
Haven't made garage sale signs. May have accidentally given away all my paints. Oops. Anyone got white or black paint, hanging about in need of a cause?
Haven't handed over all the stuff we're long-term-loaning to people.
Haven't weeded the garden (but struggling to see the point as it'll only need to be done again in a couple of weeks when we leave.)(To be fair, always struggle to see point of weeding).
Don't have accommodation in Paris. But am assured someone is working on it. Someone in Paris.

I have so many lists around, it's crazy, but I would actually go crazy without them.

 bghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh;[-                    vvv                         egg jfk mii kjc  eo okko

Louis says, 'get off the compooper mum, you're boring!'
so bye.

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