Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sometimes escapism is the best option

There are a lot of big things going on right now. I spent much of the day reading a young adults novel. Then I had my hair done and dove deeply into fashion magazines and celebrity gossip. And now I'm watching an episode of The West Wing that I've seen at least twice before.

Am I processing the humongous life-changing events going on? Probably. While I'm sleeping. Or while I'm not sleeping and should be.

So, how does one process big change? Do I write in my journal about moving to Paris with my baby, while I'm pregnant, and speak only a little French. Vraiment, un po.

Well, yes. I do journal, however I mostly write to-do lists. Not about how I feel. When I try to put what I feel into words it sounds like a bunch of cliches - excited, nervous, anxious, sad to say goodbye, happy to be going on an adventure, all that.

My head is full of plans. I have dates and bookings and errands coming out my years. Somehow, despite all that, what kept me up last night was excema and when I did sleep I dreamed about a an earthquake. Yeesh. Maybe I'm not processing Paris at all, just dealing with now. I suppose I'll have plenty of time to process the big move when it's happened.

However, I suspect the first month in Paris will be fill of dates and bookings and errands... essentially the mirror images of all the appointments we're doing now, plus the extras thanks to the famous French love affair with bureaucracy. But I don't mind that. I believe in bureaucracy but explaining why is annoying and irritating so I'll leave that subject here.

Watch this space. I'll let you know how the processing goes, and do some of it right here on my handy-dandy blog.

ps. Grr. Louis, my baby, is still crying over half an hour after the phone rang and woke him up. I tried to calm him down but it's so light outside and will be for another hour. He's in a porta-cot in the study at my parent's house (where we're staying)... not in his own bed, own room, in the dark... Fingers crossed he'll run out of steam soon.

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